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2019 Construction Videos

1/2/2019 How To Layout Template For Half Round Arch - Architectural Geometric Designs

1/4/2019 How To Layout Architectural Eyebrow For Building Designs - Geometric Shapes

1/6/2019 How To Build A Wood Fence With Overlapping Angled Pickets - Design And Assembly Ideas

1/11/2019 How To Fix Cut Floor Joist Next To Wall Framing - Plumbing Pipe Problems

1/15/2019 How To Repair Second Cut Floor Joist Next To Wall - Plumbing Pipe Problems

1/21/2019 How To Adjust Forms To Create Square Building Foundations And Patios

1/26/2019 Have You Ever Seen This? - Gable Roof Scissor Rafter Framing Design

1/31/2019 Cheapest Home Addition Roof You Can Build - Design And Construction Costs

2/4/2019 How Taller or Shorter Walls Affect Home Addition Designs - Architectural Tips

2/6/2019 How To Build The Infamous X-Ridge Design - Roof Framing Ideas

2/14/2019 A Few Different Ideas For Roof Dormers - Architectural Design

2/17/2019 What Is A Reverse Floor Plan? - Home Design And Architecture

2/21/2019 Ideas To Avoid Blocking Crawlspace Vents When Adding Stairs, Patios And Porches

2/25/2019 How Many Vents Do I Need for an Open Floor Crawlspace - Building Codes

2/27/2019 Ideas for Sealing the Bottom of a Wall Framing Plate Sitting on Top of Concrete Slab

3/3/2019 How to Calculate the Length of Roof Ridge - House Framing

3/7/2019 Building Design Ideas For Short Wood Fences

3/9/2019 1907 Two Bedroom House Floor Plan And Exterior Views - 20th Century Home Designs

3/15/2019 Ideas for Remodeling Small Section of Roof Trusses With Flat Ceiling to Vaulted Ceiling in Garage

3/20/2019 Should You Put Plastic or Weed Screen Under Wood Decks? - Building Problems

3/23/2019 Ideas For Replacing Ceiling Joist When Rafters Are Above Them And Not Next To Them

3/28/2019 1887 Floor Plan And House Design For Small Two Bedroom House

3/31/2019 Should You or Contractor Buy Materials? - Will It Really Save You Any Money?

4/5/2019 27 Building Design Ideas For Arched Openings - Architecture Tips

4/9/2019 Repair Method For Installing Crawlspace Joist In Difficult Spots - Keeping It Simple And Easy

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