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2018 Stair Building Videos

1/8/2018 Easy Three Step Stair Building Project #1- 10 1/2 Inch Treads And 7 1/2 Risers

1/23/2018 Three-Step Double Stairway Going Right or Left - Make It Yourself

2/7/2018 Using Posts and Footings for Extra Structural Support - Building Stronger Hillside Stairs

2/20/2018 Four Step Outdoor Stairs With Detachable Landing - Vertical 2x4's Stringer

3/6/2018 How to Attach Lower Wood Stair Framing to Multiple Sloping Surfaces

3/16/2018 Using Spacer With 4 X 4 Base Plate to Attach 2 x 12 Stringer to Concrete Floor

3/27/2018 Design and Assembly Instructions for Two Step Mitered Step Corner Porch Stairway

4/5/2018 Ideas For Bottom Repairs with Tall Step - Could Be a Building Code Issue

4/10/2018 How To Make Larger Stair Stringers Using Smaller Lumber

4/30/2018 Why Do We Fire Block Stairways And The Walls Next to Them?

5/21/2018 How Riser And Tread Lengths Affect Stringer Strength

5/30/2018 Build Your Own Pet Stairs With Cardboard Boxes And Tape

6/5/2018 Ideas for Building Stair Bridge Between Decks and Platforms - Design and Construction Tips

6/13/2018 How To Build Landing Stairs Without Upper Supporting Walls - Design and Construction Ideas

6/26/2018 Minimum Stair Tread Depth For Winders - Building Codes

7/7/2018 Building Code Problems You Can Run Into When Tiling Exterior Stair Steps

7/25/2018 How to Calculate Individual Riser Height for Stair Building in Centimeters

7/30/2018 How To Calculate Over All Stair Rise Height On Sloping Hill - Construction Tips

8/13/2018 Limitations Created by Building Codes - Minimum and Maximum Step Measurements

8/19/2018 Adding Extra Step Might Make This Concrete Stairway Safer - Building Repair Ideas

8/29/2018 Should You Use 2 x 8 or Plywood Stair Risers?

9/11/2018 Pie Stairs Are Just Another Name for Winders - Construction Term Definitions

9/21/2018 Ideas For Reinforcing Bottom Stringer Connection To Wood Beam - Building Repairs

10/1/2018 Even Professionals Make This Mistake - Landing Height Calculation

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