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2018 Construction Videos

1/3/2018 How To Replace Damaged Subflooring Under Toilet - Home Repair

1/10/2018 11 Things You Should Know About Before Building A Home Addition

1/17/2018 How to Figure Amount of Concrete Needed for Walkways - Construction Math

1/26/2018 How Does Water Leak Into My Sunroom Floor?

2/2/2018 How to Estimate Roofing Materials for Gable Roofs - Construction Math

2/8/2018 Watch This Video Before Adding A Second Floor Loft - Headroom and Stairway Location

2/12/2018 Round Rebar Cage Under Existing Concrete Slab Used for Structural Reinforcement

2/14/2018 How to Frame and Build a Loft - Home Design Examples

2/16/2018 How to Frame a Double Shed Roof with Wall in the Middle - Home Building Ideas

2/23/2018 7 Design Ideas For Porches With Hip Roofs - Building And Remodeling

2/28/2018 How to Raise Sections of the Wall Because Foundation is Sagging

3/5/2018 Construction of Small Home Addition at End of Existing Home with Gable Roof

3/11/2018 How to Install Floor Joist for Sloping Balcony - Home Building and Framing Examples

3/16/2018 How to Re-roof House with Composition Shingles - Home Renovation Slideshow

3/20/2018 Double Gable Roof Design Ideas For Room Additions

3/24/2018 How To See If Your Building Foundation Is Level, Using A Water Level

3/24/2018 How To Make A Water Level For Less Than $10 Or At Least $50

3/29/2018 How to Calculate Roof Ridge Height and Rafter Length - Home Addition Framing Tips

4/4/2018 How to Frame Window Opening in Round Wall for Rectangular or Square Windows

4/6/2018 Two Methods for Supporting Long Beam Inside Wall For Post Replacement With Window In The Way

4/10/2018 How to Support Structural Loads for Lower Wall Framing Repairs - Crawlspaces and Floor Joist

4/17/2018 How to Build Home Addition Between Building with Existing Hip Roofs

4/24/2018 Simple Explanation About Roof Truss Design, Parts And Assembly

4/30/2018 Steep Sloping Streets And Inconsistent Garage Floor Heights Can Create Water Drainage Problems

5/7/2018 How to Build Shed Roof with Overhang - Low Sloping Roof Construction

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