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2017 Construction Videos

1/2/2017 Why Can't All Sagging Wood Framed Floors Be Fixed - Building Repairs

1/10/2017 Solid Blocking Can Reduce Wall Framing Damage - House Framing Tips

1/16/2017 Can Temporary Sagging Subfloor Joist Repairs Be Permanent - Ideas For Do-It-Yourselfers

1/18/2017 Problems Replacing Wood Joists Embedded In Block Walls - Building Repair Tips

1/23/2017 Offset Room Addition With Hip Roof - Building Design Ideas For Home Addition

1/27/2017 Tongue and Groove Wood Siding Painting and Maintenance Tip

1/31/2017 Should You Put Gravel At The Bottom Of A Wood Fence Post?

2/9/2017 Hip Roof Home Addition Design Ideas - Architecture And Planning

2/12/2017 Extending The Garage Door Header Can Solve Concrete Footing Location Problems

2/16/2017 Installing Joist Under Damaged Joist - Crawlspace Floor Repair

2/21/2017 Supporting Fascia Board Overhang After Removing Siding Support Braces

2/27/2017 Things to Consider Before Adding a Patio Cover to a Mobile Home

3/2/2017 Introduction - Small House Design And Framing

3/3/2017 Part 1 - Floor Plan Measurements - Small House Design And Framing

3/6/2017 How to Install Flashing Over Exterior Masonry Walls to Prevent Building Damage

3/14/2017 How to Remove Lower Wall Section of Interior Opening

3/16/2017 Part 2 - Roof Plans And Elevations - Small House Design And Framing

3/20/2017 Part 3 - Sections and Details - Small House Design and Framing

3/22/2017 Control Joints, Rebar Dowels or Expansion Joint Materials for Sidewalk Next to Building

3/30/2017 Angled Concrete Foundation Dowels Might Be Stronger - Patios And Walkways

4/6/2017 4 Foot on Center Roof Rafter Problems and Possible Solutions

4/10/2017 Control Joint Layout Design Ideas For Concrete Patios With Columns

4/17/2017 How to Install Flange Around Windows Without Flanges - Box Windows and Wood Framing

4/19/2017 Part 4 Concrete Foundations - Small House Design and Framing

4/24/2017 Illustrated Example of Easy Shed and Garage Framing With Shed Roof

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