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2016 Construction Videos

1/4/2016 Don't Forget To Insulate Behind Bathtubs Against Exterior Walls

1/5/2016 Bottom of Siding Water Damage from Incorrect Installation of Foundation Metal

1/6/2016 Metal Flashing Under Door Threshold For Extra Protection - Home Building And Repairs

1/7/2016 Basement Floor Framing Water Damage From Concrete Porch Above

1/8/2016 Concrete Porch And Wood Siding Installation Tips Over Wood Floor Joist or Basement

1/8/2016 Problems Installing Concrete Porch or Stairs After Siding Over A Wood Framed Floor

1/11/2016 How To Make Gable Roof Overhang Longer - Engineering and Framing Idea

1/13/2016 Ripping or Shimming New Joist for Floor Repairs - Home Improvement Tips

1/15/2016 How to Install Windows With Flange - New Building and Construction

1/18/2016 Why is My Lower-Level Window Leaking? - Wind, Rain and Construction Installation Problems

1/19/2016 Window And Door Water Leaks From Damage Building Paper or Stucco House Wrap

1/22/2016 Avoid Placing Floor Drains in High-Traffic Areas - Safety and Trip Hazards

1/27/2016 Small Roof Leaks Might Require Bigger Tarps - Temporary Water Leak Repair Tips

2/2/2016 How To Cover Damaged Plywood Siding Joints - Home Repair Tips

2/22/2016 If Mold is on the Outside It Might Be on the Inside - Wall Water Damage

2/29/2016 Keep Plants And Cactus Away From Fire Egress Windows - Home Safety Tips

3/7/2016 Alternating Full-Length Rebar Dowels For Stronger Concrete Slabs - Remodeling Tips

3/9/2016 Check Out This Smoking Wood Fence - Home Tips

3/17/2016 Should You Use A Shower Curtain For A Shower? - Bathroom Construction and Remodeling Tips

3/21/2016 How To Protect Framing Where Roof Overhangs Connect - Home Building Tips

3/23/2016 Can I Caulk Large Siding Gaps? - Building Maintenance Tips

3/25/2016 Vaulted or Cathedral Roof Framing Basics - Home Building and Remodeling Tips

3/28/2016 What To Do If Lower Section of Exterior Siding Is Buried in Dirt - Building Repair Tips

4/4/2016 What Does A Damaged Toilet Flapper Look Like? - Repairing Leaking Toilets

4/6/2016 How To Tighten Loose Toilet Flapper Chain - Bathroom Repairs

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