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2015 Construction Videos

1/5/2015 How To Make Three Different Types of Curved Designs for Top of Wood Fence Gate

1/5/2015 How To Layout Curved Wood Fence Gate Top

1/12/2015 Formula For Making Curved Wood Fence Gate Top - Construction Math

1/13/2015 Why Am I Getting Shocked by Outlet or Light Cover Screws?

1/14/2015 Where Can I Find ADA Building Code Information?

1/16/2015 Maximum Vertical Height Changes in Walkway - ADA Building Codes

1/16/2015 Large Walkway Areas with Multiple Directions - ADA Building Codes

1/16/2015 Cross Slope for Walking Surfaces - ADA Building Codes

1/16/2015 Accessible Routes and Walking Surfaces - Americans with Disabilities Building Codes

1/16/2015 Ramps With Less Than 6 Inch Total Rise - ADA Building Codes

1/20/2015 How To Replace Wood Fence Post and Reuse Concrete Post Footing

1/26/2015 Hedge Shadows Can Create Walkway Problems - Landscaping and Safety

2/2/2015 Black Spots Around Power Tool Extension Cord Could Mean Trouble

2/5/2015 Watch This Video Before Drywalling Your Garage Ceiling - Home Remodeling Tips

2/5/2015 Watch This Video before Replacing Garage Rafter Ties with Ceiling Joist

2/5/2015 Ceiling Joist Lumber Sizes for Two-Car Garage Remodeling

2/5/2015 Keep Fingers Away from Electrical Prongs While Plugging Extension Cords into Wall Outlets

2/9/2015 Avoid Putting Extra Weight on Garage Header - Design and Remodeling

2/11/2015 Don't Lower Garage Ceiling without Checking to See If Garage Door Will Open and Close

2/12/2015 One Way to See If You Have Two Layers of Roofing - Wood and Composition Shingles

2/16/2015 Asphalt Water Diverter for Erosion Control - Parking Lot Construction

2/23/2015 Couple of Ideas for Plumbers Before Damaging Truss Joist for Bathtub Installation

2/25/2015 Two Ways You Can Tell If It's a Room Addition - Home Remodeling

2/27/2015 Direction of Face Grain of Plywood - Floor and Roof Building Installation

3/2/2015 Double Check Hold Down Locations And Heights Before Pouring Concrete

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