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2014 Stair Building Videos

1/2/2014 Public Stairways Can Be a Little Overkill in Design and Construction

1/9/2014 Bracket Stairway Design Basics - Stair Building

1/15/2014 How To Figure The Angle of A Stairway With A Speed Square

1/23/2014 Think Twice Before Applying Materials to Face of Risers - Stair Construction

2/5/2014 How To Figure Stair Headroom Clearance - Building and Design

2/7/2014 How To Find Starting Point for Stairs in Existing Buildings - Head Room

2/17/2014 Porch and Walkway Stair Lighting Remodeling Problem And Solutions

2/19/2014 Handrailing Requirements for Four or More Risers - Building Codes

2/26/2014 Wood Stringers with Pressure Treated Bottoms or Building Hardware

3/2/2014 Don't Pour New Concrete Stairs Over Old Concrete Stairs - Construction Tips

3/6/2014 Benefits Of Extending Plywood Risers Lower - Mobile Home and Trailer Stairs

3/12/2014 Don't Pour Concrete Walkways Over Wood Stair Stringers

3/20/2014 Is it Required to Update Old Stairway Building Codes? - Home Tips

3/28/2014 Watch This Video before Enclosing Area at Top of Stairway - Building Remodeling

4/9/2014 How To Build Stairs with One Sheet of Plywood - Part One

4/9/2014 How To Build Stairs with One Sheet of Plywood - Part Two

4/17/2014 How To Build and Install Landing at Bottom of Basement Stairs

4/18/2014 How To Attach New Risers to Existing Marble Treads - Stair Safety Repairs

4/22/2014 How To Install Stairs in Decks That Aren't Parallel - Layout, Design and Building

4/23/2014 How To Fix Stairs With Inconsistent Riser Heights - Building and Construction Tips

5/2/2014 Exterior Screen Door Stairway Safety Problem

5/5/2014 Avoid Separating Concrete Stairs and Walkway With Gravel - Design

5/20/2014 Can You Carpet Exterior Concrete Stairs? - Indoor Outdoor Carpeting

5/29/2014 Move Tread Brackets Forward - Stair Stringer Layout Tip

6/6/2014 How To Adjust Riser Height - Pre-Manufactured Stair Stringers

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