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2014 Construction Videos

1/2/2014 Over Watering Potted Plants Can Lead to Stains in Concrete

1/6/2014 Watch This Video Before Planting Ficus Trees Next to Building - Landscaping Tips

1/8/2014 Watch This Video Before Painting Concrete Block Walls - Home Tips

1/10/2014 Watch This Video Before Repairing Handrails - Building Codes And Safety

1/13/2014 Wall Unit Air Conditioner and Light Bulb Changing Problems - Home Design

1/15/2014 Keep Copper Pipes Away From Vent Pipes - Plumbing Problems

1/19/2014 Shrinking Lumber Loosens Handrails - Wood Deck Maintenance

1/22/2014 Trees Can Grow Around Plumbing Valves and Pipes - Landscaping Maintenance

1/27/2014 How To Flatten A Vaulted or Cathedral Ceiling Part One - Construction Education

1/28/2014 How To Flatten Vaulted Ceiling - Load-bearing Walls Part Two

1/31/2014 How To Flatten Vaulted Ceiling - Pressure Blocking and Joist Hangers Part Three

2/2/2014 How To Install Window Flashing Paper - Home Building and Remodeling Instructions

2/3/2014 Bathtub Surround and Wood Framing Water Damage Repair Tips

2/7/2014 Watch This Video Before Removing Ceiling Joists or Roof Rafter Ties

2/8/2014 2 Methods to Trim Oversized Window Openings - Home Remodeling

2/10/2014 Don't Put Items Near Garage Doors That Open Out - Home Repair Prevention

2/12/2014 Save Money by Reducing Amount of Wall Studs - Production Home Building

2/13/2014 How To Keep Messy Birds Away With Spikes - Property Maintenance

2/14/2014 Problems With Fence, Guard Rail or Handrail Cap and Solution

2/18/2014 Window Header Framing Filler Tip - Advanced Carpentry

2/20/2014 Noisy Water Pipe Hammering Tips - Plumbing Maintenance and Repairs

2/24/2014 Galvanized Versus Iron - Beach House Framing and Construction hardware structura

2/26/2014 Roof Gutter Downspout Draining Location Problem - Home Design

3/3/2014 Problems Created from Watering Engineered Lumber with Sprinklers - Stair Repairs

3/6/2014 Use Scrap Wood to Move Electrical Boxes - Home Building Tips

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