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2013 Construction Videos

1/3/2013 Problems Drilling Holes Vertical In Structural Beams - Building And Construction

1/7/2013 Be Careful Planting Trees Near Fences And Driveways - Home Tips

1/8/2013 Seating, Guard Rails And Handrailing Problems With Pressure-Treated Lumber

1/9/2013 Concrete Stairway Handrailing Stem Wall Construction Tips - How To Build Stairs

1/11/2013 How To Flush Your Toilet With A Bucket of Water - Plumbing Problems

1/14/2013 Problems With Thin Plywood Siding - Excessive Moisture

1/21/2013 Use Exterior Paint On Exterior Of Buildings - Home Painting Ideas

1/24/2013 Exterior Door Hinges Can Create Security Problems

1/28/2013 Concrete Can Crack When Water Accumulates On Walkway - Home Tips

2/4/2013 Interesting Engineering And Architecture - Half Round Wigwam Structure

2/6/2013 Keep Rain Gutter Downspouts Away from Wood Foundation - Water Damage

2/8/2013 Can Poles Located Near Parking Areas Create Problems? - Building Protection

2/12/2013 Should You Build A House Foundation With Large Rocks?

2/13/2013 Adding More Stucco Usually Won't Stop The Cracks - Wall Repairs

2/15/2013 Do You Need A Porch Guard Rail? - House Construction

2/20/2013 Should I Install Roof Trusses Before Siding - Think Before You Build

2/26/2013 Surface Tree Root Problems In Parking Lot Parkway - Design And Maintenance

3/2/2013 Add More Cement When Patching Concrete - Walkways, Sidewalks And Driveways

3/3/2013 Sidewalk Patch And Concrete Shrinkage - Home Repairs

3/7/2013 Problems With Expanding Particleboard In Moist Areas - Kitchens And Bathrooms

3/12/2013 Benefits Of Installing Plastic Pipes in Concrete Instead of Core Drilling

3/18/2013 Wigley Stucco or EFIS Corners And Straight Downspouts Can Create Visual Problems

3/21/2013 Avoid Sloping Site Drains In Wrong Direction - Roof Gutter Downspouts

3/25/2013 Keep Exterior Decking Drains Flowing And Unclogged - Water Damage Prevention

3/27/2013 Loose Deck Tiles, Waterproofing And Water Damage - Building Repairs

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