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2012 Stair Building Videos

3/29/2012 Think Twice before Installing Grated Stair Treads - High Heel Dangers

4/3/2012 Railroad Tie Stairways Can Be Built by Do-It-Yourselfers

4/6/2012 Triple Stair Stringers - Stairway Repairs And Adding Additional Strength

6/20/2012 Water Stained Wood Stair Stringers - Stairway Damage

7/18/2012 Concrete Stair Cracks and Weak Spots - Construction and Engineering

7/20/2012 Bottom of Stair Stringers Need Structural Support - Stairway Construction

7/23/2012 Cracks In Wood Stairs Could Mean It's Time To Paint

7/24/2012 Why Do Some Wood Stair Treads Warp and Need to Be Replaced?

7/27/2012 Home Design Stairway Storage Closet Tips - Architecture And Remodeling

8/3/2012 Minimum Stairway Ceiling Height - Building Codes And Accident Prevention

8/6/2012 Extend A Landing Wall To Fix Poor Stairway Design

8/20/2012 Advanced Stair Stringer Layout - Construction Book Review

8/28/2012 Construction Adhesives Can Reduce Stair Squeaking

8/30/2012 Concrete Stairs With Anti-Slip Protection - Renovation And Construction

9/4/2012 How Many Stair Stringers Do I Need for My Staircase - 3/4 Inch Plywood

9/6/2012 Why Can't I Let Water Sit On Metal Stairs? - Maintenance

9/7/2012 How To Prop Up The Bottom Stair Tread - Temporary Building Repairs

9/10/2012 What Is Average Tread Width Measurement? - Building Stairs

9/12/2012 Aluminum Stair Tread Nosing On Wood Stairway - Safety And Step Protection

9/17/2012 How To Use Building Hardware To Create Stronger Handrails - Stairway Construction

9/19/2012 How To Figure The Angle Of A Stairway - Construction

9/20/2012 Critical Handrail Framing Measurements - How to Build Stairs

9/24/2012 Watch This Video Before Building A Deck Stairway Handrail

9/25/2012 Stairway Built With Concrete And Railroad Ties - Landscaping Ideas

9/26/2012 Idea For Long Hillside Stairways - Landscaping And Design

9/28/2012 Don't Let Wood Stair Stringers Set In Dirt - Design And Construction

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