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2012 Construction Videos

1/9/2012 Shower Drain Joist Layout Tips - Framing and Plumbing Layout

1/17/2012 Damaged Truss Joist by Plumber - Framing and Plumbing Layout

1/19/2012 Pipe Notches and Top Plate Straps - Plumbing and Framing Layout

1/24/2012 Roofing Damage From Solar Panel Installation - Something To Think About

2/1/2012 How Much Slope Per Foot in Plumbing Drain Pipes - Framing and Plumbing Layout

2/3/2012 How To Take Apart A Bathroom Drain Trap And Put It Back Together

2/15/2012 Backyard Accident Waiting to Happen -Stairway Safety Tips

2/24/2012 Store The Toilet In Your Bathtub - Repairs And Bathroom Remodeling Tips

3/6/2012 Toilet Removal - Bathroom Remodeling Tip

3/19/2012 Bathroom Ceiling Moisture Problems from Poor Ventilation

3/22/2012 Dust Clogging Bathroom Ventilation Fan - Home Maintenance Tip

3/27/2012 How to Prevent Water from Building up on Wood Deck

3/28/2012 How to Save a Water Damaged Door - Building Maintenance Tips

3/29/2012 What Is A Structural Moment Frame - Building And Engineering

4/3/2012 Moisture and Exterior Door Repairs Could Create Problems

4/4/2012 What's Wrong with This Building - Home Inspection Quiz

4/5/2012 False Porch Post Damage - Building Structural Components

4/6/2012 Parking Area Building Protection Tips

4/9/2012 Exterior Block Wall Damage - Building Moisture Problems

4/10/2012 How Contractors Deal with Cheap Clients - Business Tips

4/16/2012 Stucco Lath Tips - Construction Remodeling and Home Building

5/1/2012 Walkway Erosion Control Drain - Landscaping Drainage Tips

5/2/2012 Flashing Paper Tips - Home Building and Construction

5/3/2012 Neighborhood Roofs Might Require Some Attention and Repairs

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