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2011 Construction Videos

1/6/2011 Bathroom Wall Moisture Damage - Fix This Immediately

1/6/2011 Room Addition Roof and Insulation Problem - Design and Construction

1/9/2011 Kitchen Wall Water Damage - Drywall Corner Bead

1/10/2011 Where Do I Get Room Addition Design Ideas?

1/10/2011 Property View Problems - Watch This Video before You Buy a New House Building Lot

1/10/2011 New House Purchasing Landscaping Tips - First-Time Homeowner

1/10/2011 Amazing Story About Property Lot Line Running Through Neighbors Driveway

1/10/2011 Do I Need a Contract? - Small or Large Construction Projects and Repairs

1/10/2011 Can You Use Your Contract - Building, Construction, Remodeling and Renovation Contractors

1/10/2011 Whats in a Contract - Contractors and Client Tips

1/11/2011 Measuring, Marking and Layout, Construction Book by John Carroll

1/11/2011 Structural Building Dangers - Making Concrete Roof Tiles

1/11/2011 House Framing Floor and Roof Plywood Thickness Tips

1/11/2011 Thinking About Over Building Your Concrete Foundation

1/11/2011 Fire Hazards and Roofing Materials - Wood Shakes and Cedar Shingles Tips

1/11/2011 Double Check Plumbing Pipe Locations - New Home Construction and Remodeling Tips

1/11/2011 Double Check Electrical Box Locations - New Home Construction and Remodeling Tips

1/11/2011 Working Alone Book Review - Home Building and Construction

1/12/2011 Important Tile Layout Tips, You Need To Know - Contractor Secrets

1/13/2011 How Clean Should Your Concrete Foundation Be? Tile Installation Tips

1/13/2011 Kitchen Floor Tile Installation Tips - Behind The Refrigerator

1/14/2011 Incredible Bathroom Wood Floor Damage - Don't Leave Water on Your Floors

1/15/2011 Watch This Video Now - Lower Stucco Damage And Repair Tips

1/15/2011 Rusting Building Hardware - New Home Construction Structural Problems

1/15/2011 Problems With Low Slope Tile Roofs, Building Paper And Flashing

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