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2010 Stair Building Videos

3/12/2010 Stair Stringer Layout Tools - Stairway Building Tips

3/12/2010 Painting the Bottom of Exterior Stair Stringers - Stair Building Education

3/12/2010 Is It Hard to Build Stairs?

3/12/2010 Stringer Layout Using Framing Square - Stair Building Tips

3/13/2010 Take Your Time Cutting Bottom of Stair Stringers

3/13/2010 Stair Landing Damage From Water and Poor Maintenance

3/13/2010 Painting Step for Safety Tips - Great Ideas for Apartments and Commercial Properties

3/13/2010 Different Method for Attaching Stringer Bottom to Landing - Stairway Construction Tips

3/13/2010 Cutting Top of Stair Stringer Tips -Staircase Building Ideas

3/13/2010 Top Stair Stringer Connection Tips - Structural Home Building Problems

7/2/2010 Stairway Stringer Metal Bracket Problem - Stairs Construction

7/2/2010 Stairway Safety and Repairs - Do It Yourself Home Repairs

7/2/2010 Stair Stringer Pressure Blocks - Staircase Construction Tips

7/12/2010 Stair Building Calculators - Get the Facts before You Buy

7/15/2010 Using Stair Guages And Making Adjustments On Your Framing Square

7/15/2010 Using Calculator For Figuring Stair Run -Stair Construction Advice

7/15/2010 Using Calculator To Figure Stair Rise - Staircase Construction Tips

7/15/2010 Top Stringer Connection For Cantilever Joist - Stairway Layout

7/15/2010 What Makes A Strong Stair Stringer - Watch This Video Today

7/15/2010 Tips For Selecting 2 X 12 Lumber for Stairway Construction

7/15/2010 How To Subtract Tread Thickness From Bottom of Stringer

7/15/2010 Stair Stringer Lumber Selection Advice

7/15/2010 Stair Layout Framing Square Tip - Helpful Construction Advice

7/15/2010 Setting Up And Laying Out Stringer - The Most Important Stair Building Tip

7/15/2010 How To Layout One Inch Under Cut For Stair Stringers

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