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2010 Construction Videos

2/10/2010 Using Contractors Without A Business Address

2/11/2010 The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Contractor

2/11/2010 How Can You Actually Tell If Your Contractor Has Experience?

2/11/2010 Don't Fall for This Contractor Scam - Asking for Extra Money

2/11/2010 Do I Really Need a Building Permit - Contractors and Homeowners Tips

2/11/2010 Interior Garage Door Replacement Tips - Building Code and Fire Safety Advice

2/11/2010 Bathroom Remodeling Investment Advice - Returns on Your Investments

2/12/2010 Beware of Hiring Contractors with Less Than Five Years of Experience

2/12/2010 Good Contractor Referral Problems - Hiring Contractor Tips for Homeowners

2/12/2010 Why Do Contractors Need Down Payments? - Construction Tips

2/12/2010 Never Give Your Contractor a Large Down Payment for the Construction Project

2/12/2010 The Importance of a Clear Description in a Construction Contract

2/12/2010 Mechanics Liens and Home Delivery Protection For Homeowners

2/13/2010 Helping Contractors Get New Clients - Using Real Estate Professionals

2/13/2010 How To Avoid Low Bidding Contractor Scams - Advice For Homeowners

2/13/2010 Keep Your Building Permits in a Safe Place - Contractors Tips for Homeowners

2/13/2010 How Much Are the Building Permits Going to Cost?

2/13/2010 Attic Home Safety Tips for Homeowners

2/13/2010 Planning Your Room Addition and Contacting Your Building Department for Help and Advice

2/14/2010 Important Questions for Your Contractor - Construction Advice for Homeowners

2/14/2010 Natural Disaster or Home Safety Tips - Don't Enter Damaged Homes

2/14/2010 Big Fluctuations in Construction Bids from Other Contractors

2/14/2010 Termite Damage Estimates and Home Repair Suggestions - Hiring Contractors

2/16/2010 Squeaking Stair Treads Can Be Fixed and Repaired with a Few Simple Construction Tips

2/16/2010 New Home Buyers Need a Home Inspection Checklist to Make Educated Home Purchasing Decisions

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